Adults self harm too

 There right grown ups do SelfHarm but it's only recognised in young people . I started self harming at 14 years old I'm now 48 and I still SelfHarm when I was young no one knew anything about SelfHarm . I believe it should be recognised as an illness and an addiction. I have noticed that there isn't as much help for adults than teenagers . We need to push for more help . I'd like to know what others think do you agree with me that we need more help x I know it can be a lonely illness so to find other people similar is great x let me know what you do think . Thanks           Joydevil
What does it mean

 I'm fine

 what does it mean? That's what you say when someone asks you how you are x its an automatic answer but do you really mean your fine 

 no not necessarily sometimes it means I'm in need of help but don't know how to say it so I just say fine x what does it mean to you? Let me know x yours joydevil

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