Hello I thought I'd put these up for messages of hope x

What is happiness

 what is happiness? For each person happiness is different sometimes something small can make you happy, a laugh a kiss a kind word, but we all strive for happiness, maybe if we stopped trying so hard to find it, it would come to us ,I think there's alot of presume on people to be happy, when you can't be happy all the time x so when you are it's a blessing x

dont get upset if you have a blip
a message of hope
How do you feel


.        Emotions are complicated x same as moods, emotions can effect our moods, it's hard to control them, alot of people try to ignore them but eventually they get the better of you, it's learning to handle them, I think you should go with the flow if you feel like crying then cry that's a release and works for many,there's no right or wrong way on how to handle your moods/ emotions you do what works for you , except violence, if you feel that way then get a punch bag or something you can punch, it does work using some sort of punch bag as by the time you've finished your knackered, so to end this article I wish to send all my love to Al, that read this article, and please feel free to give me feedback x

   .                yours joydevil

  • These words are words of hope it's were we all want to end up, life's hard sometimes and it's easy to give up, friends are there to pick you up and push you on, true friends stay no matter what and except you for who you are, I know without my friends I wouldn't be here, so I'd like to thank friends for being there, 

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