Support for self harm

this flower represents hope

 Hello this is a website for support for people who self harm and are adults I want people to use it as support so if people find material to help feel free to post x


 Hello I've set up this website to help support adults who self Harm or have a personality disorder please feel free to send me helpful material / poetry /words/pictures /videos that you find works for you  x I really want this site to work but I really do need your help x there's a link to the site from the Facebook group I run called understanding self Harm in your thank you x joydevil x

 What does self Harm mean to you, how do you handle it, is it an addition, some say no its not an addition I disagree,I'm a 48 year old woman whose been self harming for alot of years x for me it's an addiction and a coping mechanism, it's a very complicated mental health issues, I do know people don't know how to deal with it, even people in mental health have problems dealing with it, sometimes I feel so alone, I do know that each person that self harms does it for different reasons,all we need is for people to try and understand and not judge, and to,over us as we are normal human beings. 

Words of encouragement

  1. Healing from the inside to the outside is a long process, some people never heal they just learn to live the pain, they say that first you forgive your abuser it helps you heal, I like,even many others can not forgive there abusers and have just learnt to live with the pain,as I said the healing process is a long and hard one, if anyone has any material that would help please feel free to send it to me, weather it's poetry or art or pictures /videos , I will add them to my site x love joydevil x

I love this x

 ways to try and distract yourself 

                 finding ways to distract yourself from self Harm x there's so many ways you can try as distraction x mine is colouring in the new adult colouring books that are out, it takes your mind off the urge to self Harm it's quite a complicated as when your Colouring there's so many little bits and pieces to colour, anyway it helps me, what helps others I'd love to know and I can include them on my website x love to everyone 
                                       JOYDEVIL x

  •  A New year
  •      I hope 2017 will be a good year x new year new start . I don't make new year revaluation as then I'm not disappointed if I break them. If anyone has new ideas for my site please feel free to let me know. 
  •            yours joydevil

 Hope for recovery 

                   I’ve used this u tube video to give you ideas of hope and there can be alive apart from self harm, I had a tattoo a few years ago in aplac where I self harmed , it stopped me self harming there and every time I look at the tatto I’m proud because it stopped me hurting myself there and instead there’s flowers and no scar , I’m not saying I don’t self harm anymore because I do but I managed to stop in one place ,so there’s hope for everyone , I hope this article helps x 
                            JOYDEVIL x
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