Advice and understanding selfharm

                           TRUTHS and MYTHS on depression and self Harm 

People judge to quickly. If someone self harms they say "oh she/he's doing it for attention, not true most people doing it in private and don't want attention brought to them, there are people that do it and it's a cry for help, and they need attention so they can communicate how they are feeling, so if you see a selfharmer please don't judge, we are human too, 

               Depression is also misunderstood

It's an illness that can't be seen or explained,people say,you should be happy you've got this or that,and yes maybe there right but depression takes no prisoners and can't be explained and is so hard to treat but more research and understanding from others is needed, so please try not to judge when someone says there suffering from depression, it's a true illness but not one to be seen,

 please let me know if this is helpful,

  1.                 yours Joydevil x

 Times of the year when it can be hard to  cope

.               christmas is a hard time , everyone's supposed to be happy all the time, when in reality 
That's not the case, I like others find Christmas hard I just want to curl up and go to sleep for the season, but I can't as I've got family relying on me, so I just carry on , so to all those people like me who find this season hard I send love and support and just keep it in mind it's only 2 days x

                          yours joydevil

 depression Awareness of Christmas and beyond     

  if your like me Christmas is a hard time  all that forced joyfullness x and there's you feeling alone and trying to be happy x but there's hope it's only one day and everything goes back to normal x so at this time of year I  send love and support to everyone x

 just a quick message 

  •         just wishing everyone a happy new year x maybe 2015 wasn't a great year but I hope 2016 will be a good year for everyone .

       Sending my love to everyone

 Do you forgive yourself 

It's hard for people like us who self Harm and have self loathing and low self confidence to say I forgive myself. We punish ourselves for everything so to forgive yourself is so hard. Take time to make yourself feel better even if it's only for a hour or so. For me it's meeting my friends and having my nails makes me feel good. So try and be nice to yourself and to love yourself in what makes you happy x

  • Trust.      
  • What is trust? To me it's a hard word, and I don't think I truly trust anyone,my past taught me not to trust as if I did then there would be bad consequences, even though I'm now an adult I find it hard to trust, but there are nice people out there so maybe one day I'll learn to trust, so if I can learn to trust then maybe you can, just take it a day at a time x 
  • I hope this helps someone to try and trust x
  • Joydevil, 

 BEDS iN THE MENTAL Health Service I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for a bed but there’s none available in the Cory. This is having an impact on my mental health. This is a fact there’s no money for extra beds so when your unwell it’s tough . It shouldn’t be like this but it is , the government needs to put more money into beds and mental health services so that people can assess help when they need it .          Joydevil .

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