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                            Are you Tired 

Are you Tired? But not just sleeping tired but mentally, I believe there are many different types of tiredness, but which is the most draining, I personally find the  mental tiredness more draining, when it's the mental tiredness it means I'm thinking too much, but combine both forms and it's very draining, sometimes when you feel like this it effects your mood in fact it has a big impact on you and the people around you, so I would recommend you see your Dr or your worker, sometimes simply talking about how your feeling can help, This is my thoughts on Tiredness I'm sure for  someone else it might be different, I hope this may help, 
                                         this was written by Joydevil x

PTSD has an effect on a self harmer. Even when you sleep you can't get away from your thoughts as there is no n your dreams/ nightmares . Even after all these years I and many others still suffer ptsd . You'd think as you get older the memories flashbacks and dreams would ease . This isn't the case . So sometimes we resort to self harm as a distraction . I believe there should be a lot more support and therapy for ptsd and Bpd as I believe this would elevate some of your self harm . 

  •  Hello I hope this video helps self hammers , it's a complicated illness because I believe it's an illness and an addiction, but it's not reckonized as an illness , I run a group myself on faces called understanding self in adults , which I find helps me , I used. To feel so alone but to know there's other people out there just the same as me I find it a great support, I found there's loads of groups out there for teenagers but not for adults x there should be more out there x I hope this helps x

Created by Joydevil